This was supposed to go up last Monday, but I forgot to post it up. So here goes.

Since Dave has been too busy fishing(yea like who does that…right?) I will add another contribution to the Music Monday’s. This one will be called “Lame Pop Punk” I guess certain songs or band will grab me and then Im thinking “what is wrong with me” but lets face facts. I just want to shake my booty. here we go.

Boys No Good. This band is made up of members from other bands that Ive liked in the past. This song is from their demo and I was super pleased once I got all the way through this demo. I deem this song the best but Im an opinionated jerk

Secondly is Close Only Counts. a band from Fort Wayne(my home town) that are just about having fun but I guess thats most pop punk bands. well that and girls! haha. either way they released their full length called “Do Bad Things” I will admit the voice takes some getting used to but James is a little guy… nevermind that.. shake your booty.


Thanxx again. Until next time…

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