If you were a new college grad with nothing to hold you down what would you be doing? Fishing your ass off in the Keys during the winter and guiding in Alaska over the summer? You answered right if you said that. That’s exactly what my friend Jordan is doing.

I didn’t really get back into fishing until probably 24 or 25. I spent my early to mid twenties skateboarding everywhere I could and whenever I could. I had a blast. I was poor, I had no insurance, I didn’t have a care in the world besides where I’d get my next pack of smokes, some gas to go skate somewhere, and some food off the dollar menu. If there was such a term, I was a skate bum. I swore I’d be working odd jobs my entire life just to ensure I could skate on my terms. Nothing to tie me down, I could pack up and move with trash bags and I didn’t mind that at all. I’d never work in an office or wear nice clothes to work, that was for them, not me.

I sit here some days and wonder what the hell happened. Life happened I guess. At least that’s what I tell myself. I got older, I got married, I got a stable job in IT (wearing khakis in an office with soul sucking cubicles). Basically I became what I didn’t think I ever wanted. Now that I’m almost 33 I realize I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Life is good, as good as it was back then, if not better. In my mind I’m still a kid though the silver in my hair betrays that fact.

So back to Jordan who is one of the best fisherman I’ve ever met. Enjoy it bro. Enjoy every single minute of it. You’re living the dream for the guys who have to sit in an office all day and stare at computer screens.

Here’s a few shots of Jordan’s. I’m living in the salt vicariously.

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