It’s been a kickass two days in central Indiana to be addicted to fly fishing. On Friday night, John, Gary and I drove down to have dinner at FlyMasters of Indianapolis. It gave us the opportunity to relax and talk fishing before the Saturday shows. It’s always nice to be able to just talk fishing with people you respect. Hearing everyone recounting the fishing for the past year was awesome. 2011 was seriously a good year across the board for fly fishing.

The dinner. It was a pretty simple steak and vegetables, but because Derrick from FlyMasters is one hell of a cook, the steaks melted in your mouth. Just enough pepper on them to give them a little kick. The vegetables were cooked inside foil on the grill could easily have been served at some high brow restaurant. I felt spoiled. I would have had thirds if I could have. We took off early to get a good nights sleep before heading right back down to Indy at 7am.

Saturday morning found me back in Indy at the fairgrounds for Indiana on the Fly. My fishing club has a booth there every year and we seemed to have a lot of people stopping by, which was really cool to see. I always love seeing how many people show up for a fly fishing show in Indiana.

I took off from the show around noon and stopped in at FlyMasters for their Cabin Fever Festival. The place was hopping. Got to bust out the GoPro and film Ian Anderson from FlyMasters tying one of his poppers he does using the Copic markers, Steve Martinez of Indigo Guide Service tied up one of his Ninja Craws, and Gary Krebs was tying the poppers he’s known for.

I also got to meet a fellow displaced Region Rat. Being a Region Rat is a special thing. It’s a badge of honor and those who didn’t grow up in the Northwest corner of this little state will never understand why we’re fiercely proud of that craphole.
Really psyched about meeting some new friends and seeing some old ones. This is the good life. Time to go sit down with a beer and relax.

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  1. Yea, it was a great time and hearing the story that goes along with the title of this post made it even better. I added your site to my links section. Thanks for stopping by my little site

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