Finn has been with us a week now and what a week it’s been. He’s settling in quite well in his home and with Fritz. He thinks the cats are toys but he’s slowly learning that chewing on them is a bad thing. We’ve had the usual puppy issues but he’s honestly picked up very quick on what he needs to do to make his life easy. He’s had a few accidents in the house and there’s been some lost sleep but it’s getting better every day. I can’t get anything done when my wife isn’t home but who cares about fly tying when there’s a goofy puppy who defies physics just waiting for you to play with him. In his first week he’s learned to come to me, to sit, leave it, and how to tell us he needs to go outside. He stays close outside while off leash and is sort of taking to being on a leash. Little steps and we’ll be leash walking soon.


Today we went for Finn’s first long walk with some friends and he did awesome. He’s learning the subtleties of dogdom so he can grow up to be a productive member of the family. After a few hours of following the big dogs around as best he could he was done for the day. We loaded the dogs up in the car and it wasn’t two minutes later, he was fast asleep. Those few hours he slept were glorious. The best kind of puppy is a sleeping puppy.













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