A good friend and I got out on some lakes yesterday looking for muskies.

I moved one.

My fly was bigger than the fish.

Baby musky are cute.

Hopefully little dude makes it to maturity. I stuck two largemouth and boated one. Water was in the low 50’s and the bass eats were super trouty.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the fish. My friend is going through some serious stuff no one should have to go through and fishing is one of the best mental health activities you can do for yourself and in turn, others around you. You don’t know my buddy but he’s one of the best damned people I’ve ever had the pleasure of befriending. Send some good vibes out to the universe in thoughts or prayers. I know he’d appreciate it.

Yesterday rekindled the fire that was dimming after a long winter and a year that seemed to last a decade. Watching the fly being stripped back to the boat, slowly coming up from the depth and into view, lazily moving side to side at each strip and pause… there’s not much more relaxing than that.

Life is good. Smile. Tell someone you love them.

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