Just got my Regal Revolution Big Game jaws in last night. I do believe I’m in love all over again. The standard jaws are nice for most people, but I like tying big stuff. The Big Games go up to a 5/0 hook which is perfect for me. Like all Regal products, these jaws are top notch. If you head over to the Regal page, make sure you check out the new catalog. It’s excellent.


I sat down and cranked out a baitfish real quick to test out the jaws and it was money. I gotta go find some big hooks in my collection and then find some deer hair…

Here’s some Aggrolites to make your day better
[youtube http://youtu.be/TWL2hEh96ao]

2 thoughts on “It’s go time – Regal Revolution Big Game jaws

    1. So far on my standard jaws I’m seeing no wear at all. I’ll keep my eyes on it though. Another vise I had, the jaws were messed up within a year.

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