10 thoughts on “It’s a Major Award! I wouldn’t know that. It looks like a lamp. What is a lamp, you nincompoop? It’s a Major Award. I won it!

  1. dude. your shot was way too artistic to grab #1. same reason why my favorite bands will never get known.

    1. i don’t mind at all. i dig the first shot, i laughed when i first saw it. there were definitely some awesome shots in the contest.

  2. What was the award Dave? You get a trip or something?

    BTW, i did the tough mudder in feb…frickin awesome

    1. Umpqua Carp Fly Selection w/ UPG Fly Box, Rising Lippa Grip, random swag – I’m pretty stoked. Tim Creasy won a trip with Indigo on Beaver Island. He’s gonna have a hell of a good time.

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