Home buying sucks. I should have been a nomad. I’d be a nomad if I didn’t really like my wife. Started my weekend off with a brake upgrade on the FXT with most of the work being done by my homie John. He’s got skills that I’m trying to learn. It feels good for the RosieO’DonnelMobile to be able to stop. Damned good.

It’s warming up in Indiana and so is the fishing. The fly fishing club I belong to, Tippecanoe Fly Fishers, had their annual casting clinic on Sunday. The turn out was disappointing, but with a massive lake full of big bass to yourself, you make due. I lost some huge fish. I caught a lot of the normal chunky pond bass and even a few bluegill who were ballsy enough to try and eat a fly their size.
[youtube http://youtu.be/2rgKAOdPx58]




[youtube http://youtu.be/HBHN6bB3DLU]

Oh and here’s a real river monster. 1v05s9a

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