I’ll be there even if my sinuses are still putting a stranglehold on my ability to breathe. My wife bought me a torture device tonight and put this vicks stuff in it that’s making my office smell like an old lady’s boudoir. That’s a fancy word right there.

I very very rarely get sick, so when I do I seem to go down hard. I’ve been off work since Tuesday at 10am, but being the head IT guy at my office who’s also overseeing another office in Connecticut while that system admin is out of the country sipping mixed drinks on a beach, and in the process of opening an office in Alabama, I really haven’t been off work. VPNs and Blackberry phones, you are a bastard technology spawned in the deepest fires of Mordor.

Anyways, this downtime has given me some time to think of what I want to do with my site over the upcoming year. I’ve got a lot of ideas, and I hope to see them all come to fruition. I didn’t expect this blog to even have two visitors a day, let alone the traffic I’m seeing now which has me pretty pumped to keep new and interesting posts coming to your eyeballs. So thanks for reading my crap. I also gotta thank Cameron from The Fiberglass Manifesto and Mike from Troutrageous for giving me some love right off the bat. You guys are awesome.

Back to Saturday, I’m hoping to have a ton of photos and maybe some video off the GoPro posted up on Sunday from this weekend’s festivities. With that said, I’m gonna go put my face back over the stinky torture device.

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