Anyone who has fished with me knows my obsession with poppers. I love them. My grandfather used to give me balsa poppers to use for bass and bluegill when I was a kid and it’s snowballed from there some 30 years later. There’s just something amazing about seeing the eat.

Recently a Canada Post envelope showed up in my mailbox. Inside it, a blue box, a note, and some of the most badass poppers I’ve ever held. The flies were tied by Brendan Toner. Some of you might know who he is. Brendan and Amber Payliss run The Bug Parade and are both some of the most talented folks I’ve ever seen. They’re also incredibly fishy folks. If you’re ever looking for inspiration from some beautiful photography, head on over to their site.

Amber and Brendan, thank you so much. I owe you guys.





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