Woke up at 6am after a wild night of watching movies at home. I could still taste the beer from last night. The sound that woke me grew steadily louder. A scratching, scrabbling, sounding like a small animal in my bedroom wall kind of sound. Sure enough my cats are sitting in the area of the noises. And sure enough, there’s not a chance in hell of me getting to whatever is in the wall. I can’t call the leasing office, it’s New Years day. I popped off the coax wall cover right by the noise and poked around but saw nothing. After slapping the wall a few times the noises stopped. I’m hoping I scared the thing to death. With my luck it’ll wake me up at 4am.

I decided after staring at video games on my screen and not actually playing them that I would tie some flies and keep that promise all fly fisherman make and few keep. You know the one. You tell yourself you’ll fill your boxes during the winter. So far this year I’m off to a good start, but I’ve given three or four boxes of flies away so far, so I’m kind of sort of starting from scratch once again. Tying more Carp Breakfasts in anticipation of June and maybe some more Northwest Indiana carp this winter.

The guys from a Tight Loop got on some carp where I was fishing with Jeremy on Friday. Good to see at least someone got lucky. Check them out on facebook as well.

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