I’m a pretty humble guy. When I get props I just smile and nod. Today I’m gonna toss that out the window. I got some love from Clear Cure Goo and I’m stoked as hell. The Goo has been good to me and it’s taken my fly tying to another level. I rarely touch glues and my old epoxies are packed away in a box. The Goo has seriously changed my game.

Click here to check it out – Clear Cure Goo blog
The Goo is good

12 thoughts on “How to make a sick day awesome

  1. Dave, it’s great to see someone recognizing your efforts!

    Your flies always look top-notch from what I’ve seen of your work. WCO just restocked a bunch of Clear Cure Goo’s products, I plan on getting started with their lineup in the very near future. Keep it up!

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