It’s been a minute or two since I’ve threw a post up.. The rivers have been on and off all summer. When they’re on it’s been pretty great. Lots of smallies in the 18-21″ range. They’re currently off. They should be back on in the next week or so if we don’t get any more rain.
If you follow me on instagram, you probably know my life is ate up with powerlifting and strongman training. This year has been pretty crazy with that stuff. I’ve put on 50lbs. My strength level has gone from weak to not weak. That’s pretty scientific, I guess. 3 days a week I’m in the gym. Squats, deadlifts, and presses. I add in some assistance exercises for fun. Saturdays we train for speed. Farmer’s walks, tire flips, sled drags, and prowler pushes. If your lungs don’t feel like they’re exploding, you’re doing it wrong. The best thing is that strength training does translate into easier rowing, easier dragging a boat over gravel, hell basically easier life.

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