Find this photo on the Pile Cast facebook page and click like. If you already have, you’re awesome. The pot has been sweetened thanks to the good folks at Costa Sunglasses. I’d been saving these items for another giveaway, but figured why not do it now.
Here’s how it’ll go down..
Random names will be picked from the “likes” on the photo. I’ll post the winners at 12pm EST on October 31st. There will be 4 winners. First name RNG picks gets first pick at the prizes. Number 4, sorry, you get the leftover. Rest assured, it’s still cool and it’s free swag.
(I’ve been sick as a dog and not able to crank out another dozen flies, sorry about that. Blame the flu or whatever the hell is kicking my ass right now)

So, click this, find it on Pile Cast facebook page and like it. The swag is pictured below.

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