Grow into your own skin

Finn got to spend some time on the water last night. He’s six months old and starting to really look like a lab. I’m always amazed at the seemingly daily changes in him. It seems he goes to bed one night and wakes up an inch taller and five pounds heavier. I can’t wait til he’s old enough to go on trips with me and not be underfoot constantly. In case you’re wondering, Fritz has sort of become my wife’s dog. It was always that way since we adopted him, but with Finn around it’s the norm in our house now. Not to say Fritz isn’t my boy. He is. He just always wants to be near my wife and I like that. When I’m gone on the road, I know she has someone looking out for her that is a marshmallow but will put the fear of dog into anyone with misguided intentions. I pity that person.

I’m starting to think about trying to find a local(ish) trainer for Finn. He’s in obedience class now but I’d like to see him get better training than I can give him regarding water and retrieving. Only the best for this goofy lab. I’ll eat ramen so he can learn to not be a meathead.

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