Many great things have come from Michigan. The Chevy, Stroh’s, and frosted flakes. For a long time now I’ve had another export from Michigan on my wish list and today I was lucky enough to acquire one. A Granite Fly pedestal base. You might have seen guys at shows tying on them, especially in the Midwest. The bases are rugged and they look classy as hell. The bottom is epoxy coated and has soft rubber bumpers so your desk won’t get scratched. These things are heavy and will not move on you. They work with standard 3/8″ or smaller vice shafts.

I keep turning it in my hands just checking out the details of the granite and the way the light plays off of it. This is seriously one of, if not the coolest things on my desk now. Each granite base is hand numbered and each one is different. Mine is number 397. I’m going to love a base I can’t destroy.

If you want to purchase one in Indiana, check out Wildcat Creek Outfitters in Zionsville, Indiana. They’ve got a huge assortment of them in a variety of colors and shapes. It’s such a huge upgrade to your vise that for $70, it’s a steal.

If you want to check out more of the bases, check out The Granite Fly


2 thoughts on “Granite Fly Base

  1. I am Most interested in a granite pedestal. Please let me know what Options are available(colors and sizes), I currently use a griffin Patriot but am also looking at a Regal pedestal. Thanks, Nick Kemps, Lucky Shamrock Lures and Flies

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