✔ Wake up
✔ Meet the guys
✔ Drive to the spot
✔ Pick a fly
✔ Cast a fly
✔ Catch a fish
✔ Catch a couple fish each
✖ Catch a lot of big fish

Ian, Justin, and Rex came into town and I took them to a local creek that can be best described as small water big smallmouth nirvana on it’s good days. It was being pissy as waters are wont to do and it would be asinine to complain that big smallies worthy of the goofy grip and grin we’re all guilty of were not caught. Rex caught two nice smallies and put us to shame. We all caught some fish and the weather was perfect overcast mid 70s. You really can’t ask for much more.

Fall is quickly approaching and some of the best fishing to be had will be here soon. I love Indiana (and the rest of the Midwest) in the fall. The fishing is incredible, the trees lining the river banks look amazing, and you get that feeling in your gut. You know the one. The feeling that you have to put as much time on the water now because in a few months you’ll be staring at a vise next to a bottle of whiskey mumbling something about smallmouth and no play make Jack a dull boy.

2 thoughts on “Good times

    1. Thanks bro. I tossed them through LightRoom to clean them up. I guess they make polarizing filters for gopros now. Gonna have to pick those up soon

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