Jordan and I drove out to the western burbs on Friday night to meet up with Kurt, Jen, Austin, Cathy, Kevin, and Steve for a little pre-show get together. It was a damned good time. Lots of laughs, some good beer, and I found out I have crazy lung capacity. The next day we hit the show to do some tying and talk to folks. It was a small show, so we got to spend a lot of time catching up and making future plans. Lots of good stuff is in the works.

Not too much to say about the show beyond that. It was a good time, but writing about sitting at a fly fishing show is about as fun to read as watching paint dry. So.. here’s some pictures from the show. They will do a better job describing it that I can.
Big thanks to Kevin, Steve, Austin, Scot, Dave, James, Jordan, Kurt and Jen for an awesome weekend.

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