Last week I drove south for 8 hours. I dig Asheville. It was my second visit to the home of Southern Culture on the Fly and it felt good to be back. That town has a seriously cool vibe to it. Friday morning came quick and being the walking disaster I am, I fell down some stairs. Not the best way to start a long weekend. Fucked up ribs, arm, and hand. Let’s go tie flies.

The WNC Flyfishing Expo was a cool deal. Not a giant show but very laid back which is nice. You get more time to interact with people at a show like that. There was a steady stream of people on both days, with Saturday being the busiest. Friday night brought the Pig Farm crew from Colorado. The party started. Being busted up, my party had ended. Sometimes thems the breaks.

After the show on Saturday a bunch of folks headed back over to SCoF HQ and Iron Fly Asheville commenced. I couldn’t stand anymore and bailed out to go sleep at 9:30. I have no idea who won. The moral of the story is don’t fall down stairs. It’ll wreck a fun weekend real quick.

Sunday I drove home in an ice storm with cars spinning out around me. I had a death grip on the wheel for 8 hours but got through it. So now I sit here healing and waiting for the next adventure.

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