Getting out and getting skunked. Welcome to spring

Finally got out with the kayaks last week after some crazy amounts of rain. The creek is finally starting to return to normal. The new Jackson kayak is getting broken in and it’s doing nicely. It’s taken some getting used to, but now I’m feeling pretty comfortable with it. That extra 3′ of boat and the extra weight is harder to get used to that I thought it would be, but the trade offs are awesome. I’m able to carry more gear, stow fully assembled rods inside the boat, store camera gear, and still have room for camping equipment, food, and everything else I could ever need. Oh and we didn’t catch a fish. I moved one smallmouth. My excuses: That water is cold. Gravity. Aliens. Turbid and high CFS. Aliens.

I also found some awesome plans for a DIY kayak cart. Since the DIY ethos is part of this blog, I jumped on this. It’s a genius idea and it’s super cheap to build. You can’t beat that! Seriously, less than $50 at the hardware store, a hacksaw, measuring tape, and some pvc glue. In less than an hour you’ll have a badass kayak cart that breaks down in seconds and stows inside your boat.
While you’re on Palmetto Kayak, check his other DIY’s. Very cool stuff going on over there.