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Spring is here in the Midwest and for people who fly fish that means it is time to hit the water and forget the winter. As the waters warm I start targeting smallmouth bass in the rivers and streams of central Indiana. I spend my free time wading, canoeing, and kayaking miles of water during the spring, summer, and early fall. When you spend hours on the water staring into it, trying to discern if that shadow is a fish or a rock you want to have sunglasses that are high quality and feel good on your face.

I received a pair of Costa Del Mar Double Haul sunglasses this week to review. They came with the 580P copper lens. Costa makes a variety of lens colors for all types of fishing. The copper lens is made for sight fishing, driving, and other daily activities. After getting the sunglasses out of the box and on my head I tried to shake them off. They moved, but barely, and this was after vigorously shaking my head back and forth. The chances of these falling off my face as I look down on water seems to be zero. As a fly fisherman sunglasses are a requirement. I like being able to see, I want my eyes safe. A hook in the eye is not my idea of fun. The Double Haul glasses covered my eyes perfectly and the field of view was excellent. Costa sunglasses have a material called Hyrdolite on the nose piece which gets stickier when it gets wet. It does not take much to put two and two together and realize that is something fisherman need. Everything fit snug, but not too tight. It felt like I could wear them all day, and on Sunday I did.

It was 64 degrees with wind blowing at 14mph and the sky was threatening to rain on us when my friend Ashley and I went out to a local creek for some smallmouth fishing. I had been itching to get on the water with these glasses to see if they would be better than my current prescription sunglasses. Hands down these Double Haul sunglasses outperformed my old supposed high end sunglasses in every way. I could see deeper into the water, the 580P lenses cut the yellow out and seemed to make everything pop. There was a clarity I have never experienced before. The Double Haul’s did not slide down my nose at all. I really like that they stay put and I do not have to push them back up on my nose every few minutes. We fished for a few hours and I caught three smallies, two of them were really nice for the size of the creek we were on. I like the vents on the front of the glasses though I have not fished in weather where they would come in handy yet, I am sure I will soon and if Sunday was any indication, I am positive they will keep my glasses from fogging.

So, would I buy a pair of Costa sunglasses? In a heartbeat. Costa makes high quality eye wear and it shows. If you are in the market for a new pair of sunglasses you should definitely check the Double Haul’s or any of Costa’s new 2012 line. The Double Haul’s range in price from $179 to $249 depending on which lens you choose (400G, 580G, or 580P), come in three different frame colors, a multitude of lens colors, and there is an RX program as well. The warranty looks excellent as well. So go check them out with the link below.

8 thoughts on “Gear Review: Costa Double Haul Sunglasses

  1. Excellent review. I am in the market for new fishing glasses and hadn’t checked these out…but I will certainly do so after reading your review.

    1. Thanks! Definitely check them out. I really liked what I saw. I’m pretty picky too. Glasses that slide on my face is one of my pet peeves. The fact that these didn’t won me over right away.

  2. Nice write up Dave! I have a pair of double hauls and LOVE them! Best shades I’ve had for fishing by far. The vents really do work too. My old pair would have fogged up bad, the Double hauls don’t have that issue at all.

    1. Thanks Matt. I figure they’ll come in handy winter steelheading or winter carp fishing at a warm water discharge. My old glasses always fogged up then, especially when wearing a buff. I’m jealous of those bass you’ve been posting.

  3. Great review! I have a pair of the 400p lenses currently and have yet to try the 580p. I bet they are fantastic!

  4. Great review Dave! I think some Costas are going to replace my Jawbones. The Double Hauls look sick!

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