Gary Krebs and John Clanton have been hard at work to put out a high quality tutorial on how to use Gary’s popper jigs and how to tie a Krebs popper. They’ve done a great job of making sure you get every little detail on how to tie this popper. I’ve known Gary for a few years now and I’m always learning something new from him. From casting to tying he’s been the guy I’ve gone to for advice and he’s always been there to give it, even if I didn’t want to hear it. Nine times out of ten I didn’t want to hear it even if I wasn’t waiting on a back cast because I’m as hard headed as they come. But I can honestly say because of him, I’m a better fisherman, so I kind of want to give some back and get him some exposure.

I’ve fished all sizes of these poppers and I’ve done extremely well with them. I fish the 1/4″ popper on small ponds and even though it’s the smallest of the sizes, it’s my favorite. Last summer this was my go to fly if I was fishing top water. This summer will be no different. Throwing a 7/16″ popper on a 7 weight is the way to go if you’re looking for that awesome smallie explosion. I live for that take. In the Midwest summer there is not much that beats the sight of a hungry smallmouth bass trying to kill a popper. Big poppers on the Tippecanoe River equals big smallies and a happy me.

Here’s the links to the photo tutorial and to the video tutorials.
Photo tutorial
Video tutorial

You can purchase the Krebs Popper jig sets and foam locally from FlyMasters of Indianapolis or online from River Road Creations

**edit – I apologize for the vignetting on the smallie photos**

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