You might have seen this on The Drake today. It’s important enough that it needs to be seen across the fly fishing internet and it’s a cool project that will reach a lot of people through high quality photography documenting what we could lose if this terrible mine gets the green light.

If your dream, as I know many of my friends dream of, is to fish this amazing place on this ball of dirt then get involved.

Frontier. The word conjures up an image of a place untamed by man. This is the place where the wind blows harder; the snow piles up higher; the rain falls longer; the sun shines all day, and the dark is that much colder. Mountain ranges are so vast as to seem unapproachable; over sized bears gorge on salmon runs that emerge like silvery walls from the ocean to storm the still pristine rivers; a chaotic ocean exists where building-sized waves clash with the winter ice pack. The perpetual battle of water and fire sculpts the landscape. Trembling volcanoes dot the landscape, and as the earth pushes upwards, the glaciers scrape it all downward. Everything is bigger in Alaska, from the earthquakes to the floods, the herds of hoofed creatures to the mineral deposits.

You can read more on this project and stay up to date with it by clicking these links:




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