Got invited to come back to FlyMasters to sit in on Ian Anderson’s class on his badass poppers. What Ian does it takes a normal foam popper and make it into a hard bodied piece of fish candy. I can’t wait to use these poppers when the water around here gets warm. Spring needs to get sprung in Indiana.

Over the course of the day I amassed 20gb of photos and video. I’ve already pared down most of it to a manageable amount. I’ll be working on editing the video tomorrow morning and hopefully have something worth looking at in the afternoon.

Fishing with Scott got cancelled on account of we’re both wusses and everyone’s been sick. We’ll man up soon enough. I’m wanting to fish bad, but the shack nasties haven’t hit me that bad yet. I’m sure by next month I’ll be shaking like a junkie in need of that sweet fix.

I am not a great photographer, but I really like playing with my camera and seeing what happens. It’s always a fun learning experience and I think that’s what counts. Like I know that I hate fluorescent lights. I hate them with a passion. I like macro lenses. I need to win the lotto so I can afford a few.

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