Indiana on the Fly is coming up! Saturday January 7th from 9am til 5pm at the Indianapolis fairgrounds. Admission is $10. The fly fishing club I am apart of, Tippecanoe Fly Fishers, will have a booth there so stop by and say hi. Tim Holschlag will be there talking about smallies. I had the pleasure of fishing with him early last spring on the Tippecanoe River and I can attest that he knows more about the smallmouth bass than anyone I’ve ever met. I got a message back from Becca Schlaff and she will be there as well. Her artwork is awesome so pick up a print or the real thing if you can.

After that, head over to FlyMasters of Indianapolis for their Cabin Fever Festival. The event at FlyMasters goes on all weekend and there is no admission. Joe Mahler, a Southwest Florida fishing expert and author will be there. Gary Krebs will be there demonstrating his popper jig sets. Ian Anderson will be showing off the Copic Airbrush system (it’s pretty awesome, I’ve got one and I make huge messes with it). Indiana artist Rod Crossman will be there, so will Randy Fridlund maker of Amabilis Rods. Randy makes some awesome bamboo rods. I was able to cast them last year and I’m hoping to someday get my hands on one.

I’m psyched for these two events. The shack nasties is setting in hard for me. Not being able to get on the water is making me feel like Jack Nicholson

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