Fly fishermen have only one goal. To push the boundaries of what we think is humanly possible in pursuit of the experience of a lifetime. The fly fisher is not one who is content with idly waiting for the moment, but rather one who is compelled to explore every nook and remote corner of the globe in pursuit of a lasting memory. It’s not so much about the actual fish as it is about the journey. As beginners we take the first steps in what may take a lifetime to master. Along the way, if we push ourselves hard enough, we can gain exceptional knowledge of the sport, but perhaps most importantly a change in attitude becomes evident. We realize there is so much more to life than safety,and convention. Some of us will inevitably choose to suppress these passions and wait for a moment in time when we are not so “busy ” with lives tasks. Perhaps saving them for the day when pigs fly. Others of us have seen this elusive little creature, and realize that life is too short for excuses. The ones who live for a thrill, and find passion in every passing minute. The ones who have already encountered their pig on the wing. Dare to ask yourself in which camp you fall. You most certainly already know the answer.

Larry Damore


You might recognize that name. I’ve thrown some Pegboy songs on here before and I’m sure I will again (slipped through my fingers? yea it’s a classic), and there’s also that new movie I want to see called Reverb that’s currently on the F3T. The owner of Flying Pig Fly Rods is the lead singer of Pegboy, a Chicago punk rock band I grew up on. Many nights of skating the mini ramp behind my house, a cord run out of the garage window, stretched to the limit so my jambox could play good punk rock music while we annoyed the shit out of our neighbors skating at all hours of the night. But I digress. Too much reminiscing on the good old days might make the awesome days in front of me look cloudy.

I’m kind of glad I found out about Flying Pig. I’ve been itching for a nice 7wgt for smallies and steelhead this year. The price point is excellent. I tend to avoid the higher cost rods because I’ve always figured I can have one super nice rod for one application or an armada of rods that don’t break the bank for all the species I blunder after. I do my best to baby my gear, but for those of you on the clumsy side of life, the warranty looks really good as well. I have a feeling I might be looking at the Steel Series 10′ 7wgt when it comes out. In the meantime, I’m gonna order a shirt. Can’t ever have enough shirts.

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