Last month on a trip on which we were skunked, I went to remove the shoulder strap from my Blue River Chest Pack and one of the clasps snapped.
I don’t know why it did. I’d never taken the shoulder strap off and never before had I used the waist strap. I personally prefer to throw this awesome little pack over my shoulder and keep it there when I’m wading the creeks and stalking the shores of ponds out here. That’s where it spent all last summer. I love this bag. It carries more than enough flies for a trip, all my odds and ends, and is still small enough to be out of my way. With this bag I no longer have to wear a vest. Vests really aren’t my style anyways.

Yesterday afternoon I sent off an email to the folks at fishpond asking for a price to replace the strap; I figure I broke it, I’ll pay for it. This morning I received an email from Ben at fishpond asking for my address and he would send out a replacement strap. Needless to say I was impressed.

I know it’s not much in the scheme of things, but when a company stands beside their product and their customers it really means something to me. They could have easily told me sorry, deal with it and I probably would have. Glad to say that’s not the case here. I like knowing when I spend money on something that I’m supporting a company that is supporting fishing in a positive way.

I am eye balling some of the new for 2012 line they have out, specifically, that Tundra Tech Pack. That’s going on my wishlist right now. You should definitely check out what fishpond has going on.

2 thoughts on “fishpond is awesome

  1. Dave, I love me some Fishpond too. I have the Flint Hills Vest and like it for the reason that everything is laid out as if an actual fly fisherman designed it. Not only that but it’s a flat vest and I can wear it under my wading jacket in the rain and keep it dry. Also now have the Flint Hills Waist Pack…love that and the Backwater Tech Pack. Like I said, love me some Fishpond!

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