Just got home from work and there was a package for me. Seattle, WA. FJ on the return label. I was like
And then I was like
Cause I just got me some FISHJERKS schwag. This site is easily one of my favorites out of all the sites I visit every day. When you’re tired of same old same old, this dude is killin it with some originality that is hilarious.

That worm scared the hell out of me when the stickers fell out into my greedily awaiting hands. Just after work zombie, not expecting soft pink worm to tickle my fingers. After I realized that it wasn’t some weird Washingtonian stowaway, I was laughing my ass off at the epicness of the worm.

The Derp liked the worm too. He’s never seen a rubber worm. Being a fly fishing cat, he’s kind of an elitist and he didn’t like this rubber bass thing in his house. So he tried to eat it.

If you want some awesome stickers, hit up Fish Jerks and order you some. I’ve heard you won’t regret the contents of them.

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