A little 4th of July float.

Woke up late thanks to garden drinking with my wife. I’m not young enough to do that stuff anymore. Three beers and I’m hating the world the next morning.

We got on the water about 8am and what was supposed to be a five hour float turned into about ten hours. It was worth it though. Hard to be annoyed when the smallies are eating on top.

Many good smalljaws were caught in gin clear water. Poppers were thrown. One streamer got smoked a few times. My old gar fly got crushed by a few small water donkeys.

We floated a remote stretch of water that you rarely see other’s fish. The fish aren’t pressured and are well fed from a large forage base.

The flows were low and so we dragged the raft over many rocks and never saw a person. It was a great day to be on the water with a good buddy.

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