It’s spring. Sort of. It’s been a kind of bi-polar spring which should be expected in Indiana, I guess. I recently spent a day on the water with my buddy Scott. The water was still cold, hovering right in the high forties. The smallies are waking up from their winter vacation. I brought three to hand and this early in the year, I consider that a win.


We floated all day on water I’d waded small sections of but this was eye opening to the beauty of this central Indiana watershed. Bald eagles, waterfalls, rock gardens, and high bluffs all make for one amazing trip. It’s easily some of the best looking water in the state for smallmouth habitat. Everything looks fishy.


I can’t wait to float this water again. It’s not far from Indianapolis so if you’re in the area and need a smallie fix, look Scott up. You can find him through Wildcat Creek Outfitters. He runs trips down this river from spring through fall.


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