Headed back down to FlyMasters to try and get some footage of Gary Krebs teaching a tying class. If anything is decent, I’ll have it edited and uploaded to Vimeo in the next day or so. I’ll be heading back down next week for Ian Anderson’s Copic airbrush class. If you like poppers with some real style, you gotta check out what he does to a foam popper with his airbrush

Just got back from Indy. I need a beer and some Big Bang Theory. scratch that. We’re getting drunk to some Lord of the Rings






Everyone must have one drink whenever..
1. There’s a close-up of the ring
2. Someone draws a sword
3. Someone speaks in elvish (the language of Mordor counts)
4. Merry and/or Pippin do/say something stupid
5. There’s a gay look/line/implication between Frodo and Sam
6. Legolas says something poetic or looks off into the distance
7. Gandalf says something wise/mysterious
8. Someone speaks about the Strength of Men or Aragorn’s bloodline/future.
9. Out of respect, when a character of importance passes away – SKULL.
10. Whenever Legolas does something kick-arse (can be judged by the participants)
11. Whenever Frodo falls over.
12. Whenever there is an Elf vs. Dwarf moment.
13. At the “Share the Load” moment in the last movie, the person with the least alcohol in their drinking vessel
14. Whenever Smeagol/Gollum says “precious”
must skull that of the person with the most.

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