Filling the fly boxes for spring

I’m on a mission. I have a plan. A goal. I was talking to Sweet Chili Martinez one day and told him I was building some boat boxes using ArtBin quickview boxes. I didn’t want to spend the money on a Cliff box. Not that they’re not great boxes, they are, I own one and love it. I wish I could afford to own most of their line up and still be married. I still follow that old punk rock DIY ethos as close as I can. Even when I can afford to spend the money on a nice professionally made anything, if I can build it myself, I will. There’s a satisfaction that comes with making something that you don’t get by shilling out money for something already done.

Steve, being the awesome guy he is said, “let me send you some boxes.” Free boxes? I don’t have to finish cutting this damned foam? DIY you can go to hell. Free trumps all. The boxes showed up a few days later. They were empty except for one fly that looked meaty and gnarly as hell. Sweet. An empty canvas.

In my mind I see the fly boxes full of fat flies. I don’t trust skinny chefs. I also don’t trust skinny flies. If I’m cooking you shouldn’t trust me. Poppers, articulated streamers, and clousers all lined up. Snug and secure in the slotted foam. Rows of flies looking like soldiers in battle formation. This is a war and it’s a war I will win.

These boxes need to be filled. It’s my rallying cry for the winter. I’ll scream, “give me full fly boxes, or give me death” at the top of my lungs. By January that warriors call will turn into a quiet, “give me full fly boxes, maybe”. By March, I’ll be mumbling, “dammit I’ll just tie tomorrow night”. In May I’ll be scrambling to tie some smallmouth flies at midnight when I’ve got to be on the water 5 hours from then. And the water is an hour away. Sleep is a waste of time anyways.

So maybe the boxes will be full. I’m well on my way. I’ve also got friends who want a taste and like Curtis Mayfield sang, I’m your pusherman….