I love seeing new stuff. DRYFT looks pretty dope. They’re launching waders in 2013 which will be in the $200 range and packed with features. Keep up with them on facebook, twitter, and http://dryftfishing.com/. DRYFT’s 2013 release of their waders is proof the Mayans just ran out of room on their stones.

We like fishing. Actually, we really like fishing. Which is why we’ve teamed up to create the DRYFT line of fishing waders. DRYFT is a collision of Function and Style. We design functional, high quality gear, which blurs the line between highly technical performance and stylish design. Taking a page from the ski and snowboard industry style, DRYFT has set out on a journey to make performance enhanced, value driven and stylishly designed waders and fishing gear.

T-shirts are available for now. Waders coming January 2013.

We’re up to our necks in research and development for the first line of technical products which we’ll unveil shortly.

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