My friend and I took our chocolate balls of hair and slobber out for a little hike this past weekend. Samson and Finn got to be dogs on a few hundred acres of trails and scrub brush. They chased sticks and dove into cold water with gusto. Later that night I asked Finn if he needed to go out one last time. He groaned, rolled over to ignore me, and finally slid off the couch like he was made of jelly – making the same noises I make at 6:30 every morning. To be a dog, eh?

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1 thought on “Dog walks and unseasonably seasonable weather

  1. I love to read your posts on your Dog! I am a fellow fly fishing addict and recently acquired a chocolate lab pup that is now 6 months old.. I want him to become my boat mate, and I noticed you spend quite a bit of time with yours in the boat. Do you have any advise on the best way to train your dog to behave well in a boat? He is doing ok but any advise woukd be greatly appreciated.


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