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Two weeks ago, I posted a quick preview of Jungle Fish. Last week I got my hands on a copy of Costa’s new movie and I gotta say, it is awesome. I showed it to some friends and their reactions were the same as mine. Amazed by the fish and really into the idea of a sustainable economy for the locals. If you’re not familiar with arapaima, they’re an ancient fish from the Miocene geological epoch. That’s old. Real old. The Miocene era began 24 million years ago and ended about 5 million years ago. Wrap your mind around that. Before these three guys, this fish had lived 24 million years before being caught on an fly rod. The arapaima is sought after as a food fish in South America. These fish have been over harvested by commercial fishing and so it was banned by the Brazilian government. Fishing for arapaima in the Amazon Basin is now allowed but only catch and release and only in certain places. Native people can still harvest them for consumption.

The Rewa village is located in the heart of Guyana. It’s surrounded by hundreds of miles of rain forest, including one of the largest unspoiled rainforests in South America. Guyana is an English speaking South American country with one of the highest bio diversities in the world. It really is an amazing jewel in South America.

So the film, Jungle Fish – HOW FLY FISHING COULD SAVE GUYANA’S RAIN FOREST. I loved it. Hell, I’ve watched it a dozen times now. The filming of the fish fighting is great. The strip strike, the 12 weight rod bending like a toy under the weight of these giant fish. When the fish broke surface it was like watching a tarpon come up. The explosion on the water was intense. I kept going back to those parts over and over.
The message in Jungle Fish is clear. If this fish can be caught on a fly there’s a good chance the sport fishing that will come to Guyana will help the native people create an economy that will allow them to stay in Guyana and not have to move to neighboring countries in search of jobs. The people will be in charge of their community, their ecosystem, and their destiny. I dig that.

If you want to check out the film and read more about the country, the people, and the fish click this link. https://www.costadelmar.com/protect#thefilm

If you want to buy it, click this one. https://www.costadelmar.com/shop/accessories/jungle-fish-dvd

…If he jumps into your lap, we’ve got a problem…

3 thoughts on “Costa sunglasses presents Jungle Fish

  1. How about that Matt Breuer? He is a character. He showed me a rough cut of the film earlier this year. I thought it was great then. Can’t wait to see the completed version.

    1. Dude he was a trip. The part where they were baiting a caimen and then it swapped to Matt washing his face was a pretty slick cut.

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