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I cannot wait to see this entire film. Costa produced this movie that shows fly fisherman the fishporn they want to see but the real message is sustainability. It’s easy to overlook what years of only thinking for the now can do to a person, a community, and an environment. I’ve read about other sport fishing business models and I really dig them. It provides ownership to a people who sometimes feel like they don’t have anything. This to me, is the complete opposite of the Walmarting of the world. Small sustainable business practices should be something we all support. And the chance to catch a 400lb 10′ long dinosaur of a fish isn’t anything to turn up your nose at either!

You can pick up a copy of Jungle Fish from the Costa shop

North Rupununi, Guyana – May 22, 2012 – Referred to as “dinosaurs of the deep,” and believed to be the sinister reincarnation of Pirarucu, the disrespectful and taunting son of an Amazon chief, the prehistoric arapaima grow to be more than 10 feet long and can surpass 800 pounds in weight. They’re found in Rewa, a remote fishing village in the north Rupununi region of central Guyana, population approximately 280.

In the new feature film directed by Louisiana Kreutz and produced by Costa Sunglasses, “Jungle Fish,” follows three expert fishermen in a quest to catch the elusive arapaima with a fly rod, a feat never before accomplished. If they’re successful, they will have discovered a new adventure fishing experience for anglers, and created a sustainable sport fishing business opportunity for the people of Rewa.

For decades, the native people of Guyana depended on extractive efforts like poaching, mining and clear cutting as a way to generate income. But unlike resource extraction practices which can quickly destroy an environment, a sustainable sport fishing business offers a way for the people of Rewa to gain economic independence for things like improved healthcare and education programs within the village, without depleting any of the area’s pristine natural resources.

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