Back in June I received a pair of prescription Costa Double Haul 580G green mirror sunglasses. I wanted to spend some time actually fishing in them in all kinds of conditions before I put my thoughts to words. I have to say my opinion has not changed in the least since my first review on the Double Haul 580P. If anything, I have come to see these glasses as indispensable when I’m on the water.

They came in right before I went up to fish for the mythical carp of Beaver Island. Out on the flats around the Beaver Island archipelago with the gin clear water, these green mirror lenses seemed to make everything underwater stand out a bit more. With the yellow light blocked, everything seemed high def. The fish stood out on the sandy bottom. Being able to spot a fish further out will give you way more shots at the spooky carp and that can mean the difference between a 30 pound carp on your line and a dust trail signalling a fleeing fish.

I’ve spent most of my time this summer fishing my local creeks and rivers for smallmouth. The only time these glasses have not been on my head is when it’s first light, low light conditions, and night fishing. It’s not often you can sight fish to smallmouth in rivers but I’ve done it with these. Those fish just seem to pop. What you once overlooked now gets that second glance. Sometimes that second glance means the difference between a fish and passing a spot up.

Now for the technical stuff.

If you get prescription Costa’s make sure they’re legit.
The vents on the sides of the Double Hauls do work. I’ve tried to fog them up. They’ll start to fog and then clear off just as quick. That’s going to come in handy during the winter months on Midwest rivers.
The Hydrolite on the nose pieces does keep the glasses on your face perfectly. The added weight from the glass lenses is really not noticeable at all. I will say the glass lenses require more cleaning than the 580P which should be a given. The plastic 580P lens repels water and oils. It’s not a problem really, if you’re fly fishing, you’ll get water on your glasses regardless. Carry the microfiber cloth that comes in the case of your glasses and you’ll be fine.

The Double Haul sunglasses have full eye protection and this comes in handy. On one trip, someone’s bad cast caused fly line to whip me in the face right across the glasses. The fly also bounced off the side of my head. If I’d been wearing my normal glasses I’d have caught line in the eye pretty hard and that small chance of a fly in the eye. Not my idea of fun. Protect your eyes. I say that to everyone I fish with. It’s become a mantra.

All in all, these are a great set of sunglasses for fly fishing or just spending a day on the water. If you’re in the market for new glasses these need to be on top of your list.

13 thoughts on “Costa Double Haul 580G sunglasses review

  1. Great review! I have the wave killers and they are by far the best fishing sunglasses I have owned. Thanks for the awesome write up! Makes me feel rest assured I made the best choice by going with Costa Del Mar!

  2. Good point you made about making sure they’re legit. I bought a pair from an authorized dealer 2 years ago and they made the lens in their lab, the lens didn’t fit in the frames at all. I complained and they Gerry rigged the frames. Their solution sucks, i can see daylight between the frame and lens, which is distracting to say the least. Next time I’ll have to find another dealer.

    1. Wow. That’s not cool at all. I’ve heard some horror stories about shady eye glass places doing just that. Crazy. I hope next time is better for you.

      1. Yeah no doubt when you pay $300 to an authorized dealer you expect a lot better. Next time I’m going to seek out another dealer. Fwiw I found this dealer on costa’s website, the lenses do not have the logo etched into them so something seems fishy.

          1. No I haven’t, I actually just thought that’s how they did things until I read your review, and learned otherwise, I believe I will contact them.

  3. i have had my costa for about 4 years, they are fantastic. I got them because they were the only glasses that are life time warrentee even in salt water.

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