Saturday afternoon I got a text from an old friend who I hadn’t seen in person since probably 2002. We’d talked on facebook a handful of times these past few years about getting together and skating but it never fell into place because life is like that. His car had broken down on the highway near my town. He asked if I could help and since I was bored and puttering around the garage like an old man I jumped in the truck, called another friend who hooked up the tow truck, and met my buddy on the highway to wait on the wrecker. We got to reminisce on growing up, what’s happened in our lives as we’ve both marched into our 30s and all the good and bad that’s happened since we were kids.
His car was broke the shop said. Threw timing and had some internals damaged. Sunday a car trailer was rented, my truck was saddled up, and we hauled that little CRX back north. I also grabbed my skateboard and camera.

My buddy and some of his friends own a private skatepark. How many people can say that? He took a dream and ran with it. He’s a carpenter and so his ramps are amazingly well built. The transitions are smooth, just like you’d want them to be. There’s none of that weirdness that comes when people who don’t skate build parks. I hadn’t touched a mini ramp since probably 2004 and was betting on eating shit a lot. I didn’t and it felt good though the muscles right now feel abused and spongy. It’s amazing what your body remembers and wants to do. I guess it’s time to get back into shape and start living again. You’re never as free as you are when you land a trick you’ve been working on for days. I miss that feeling so I figure why not, at 35, go chase it again?

We had a little session and I got to take some pictures. Pretty damned good way to end the weekend.








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  1. You ever see the fishing series of decks from Santa cruz pretty rad decks. Great story winter mini ramp sesh is always a good way to break up a fishless cold spell

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