The last time I posted here was June. Here’s a few pics from July through October. I’m not dead. If you follow me on instagram and facebook, that much will be apparent. Busy eating a ton of food and lifting heavy weights. I started strength training with a coach in early August. Been doing Starting Strength and have put on 30 pounds so far. From 163 to 193 and still gaining. I’ve become pretty addicted to training. Hitting a local gym 3 nights a week to pick heavy shit up and put it back down. The only bad thing is that new clothes are expensive, but I’m okay with that. Summer and fall fishing was pretty epic. Fishing is still going good though with November hitting me like a truck, that’ll change. _48p6786_48p6722_48p6866_48p6908_48p6952_48p6938_48p7040_48p6971_48p6980_48p7858_48p7872_48p7884_48p9003_48p8310_48p8522_48p8712_48p8825_48p8952

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