[youtube http://youtu.be/0fMHNAo0PNE]

Get a 7wgt. Find something to throw this streamer at. Like a pond full of lily pads where fish like to hide. Maybe some structure on a river. Don’t throw it at people. Throwing this at people would be bad.

Materials List

  • Mustad weedless sproat hook 2/0 or 3/0
    Flymen Fishing Co. articulated shank 35mm
    Hareline Dubbin Magnum Cut Zonker Black
    Hareline Dubbin Crosscut Two Toned Rabbit Strips black/fl. chartreuse
    Hareline Dubbin Strung Blood Quills Chartruese
    Hareline Dubbin Schlappen 5-7″ Yellow
    Misfit Fly Co Holo-head small
    Hareline Dubbin Fly Enhancer Legs
    Heavy Chenille
    Clear Cure Goo Brushable (use the syringe tip)
    Clear Cure Goo Curing Light
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