This has been in the works for a few months and I’m psyched I can finally talk about it. Some folks might have noticed recently that a Regal Vise has shown up in my photos on here. Here’s why. I received a call from Michael McAuliffe awhile ago asking me if I’d be interested in joining the pro staff at Regal Vise. Me? I.. uh.. Hell yes I would! We talked quite a bit, I won’t bore you with details, but Mike gave me the low down on Regal Vises and how awesome tying on a Regal was.

Fast forward a bit and my vise showed up at my door. A Revolution. I pulled it from the box feeling like the dad from A Christmas Story. I tossed a hook in it. No adjusting anything? I like. The hook bends before it moves? I like that a lot. It felt a lot different than my old vise, but I was told it’d take a bit of getting used to. After I spent a few days tying and getting used to the setup, going back is not in the cards. I like the feel. You know instinctively when you feel quality and the engineering is top notch. I’m still learning new things about it, and I’m sure I will be for awhile. All I need to do now is super size to the big game jaws for those huge musky hooks and I’ll be able to tie from as small as a 22 to a massive 5/0 hook.

So that’s the news. I’ve joined a pro staff that is filled with some of the best fly tyers in the world and I couldn’t be happier.

If you’re on facebook, make sure you stop in at the Regal page and click “like”. Trust me, it’s worth it. There’s step by step videos from the pro staff, pictures of some amazing flies, and other great info on there.

10 thoughts on “Awesome news involving Regal Vises

  1. Hey,

    Congrats man. Very cool. I have been tying on a Regal for years now. I love them. I am on my second one because the kids broke my first one. I wish I could get a call like this at some point. Again, congrats. Well earned.

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