Once about a decade ago my wife called me from work and told me she’d been sleeping with my younger brother. I freaked out. Then realized as she’s laughing her ass off it was April 1st and I was a gullible idiot. That’s how you know you’ve got someone you need to hold on to forever. On this April 1st I woke up after drinking vodka with some foofy shit in it all night to the sun hurting my eyes. Then the rain started and it poured. I was supposed to be out at some local lakes they stock to meet the gang from TFF at our annual season opener. My friend Ashley was coming with. I was going to get her casting well enough to catch a few of the dumb stocker trout. The rain let up and it turned into a really nice day. Ashley didn’t catch a fish (yet) and the stocker trout weren’t too dumb though the one I “caught” was when I was when I set my fly rod down to row the canoe away from shore, so maybe it was dumb or I was lucky. I do like dumb fish.

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