I’ve been a fan of Jake’s art since I first found his website a few years ago. It’s raw. It’s different. I like both of those things in abundance.

Jake’s art adorns the walls of breweries, album covers (Atmosphere!), and clothing. Every piece he puts out, I stare at it and enjoy every line.

Back in October I caught a musky. Not a giant musky. It measured in at 37″. Enough of a musky to make my year. My homie Jordan took a photo of me with the musky.


About a month ago, Jake posted a photo to instagram and holy shit amazeballs was I geeked.


Not long after another picture showed up..


Today I got home and on my porch sat a box. I felt like the kid who got a Wonka’s Golden Ticket.


Jake has a ton of awesome prints available in multiple sizes for sale at http://society6.com/JakeKeeler. You should take a gander and if you got some spare coin, support an amazing artist.

20 Acre Carcass – http://20acrecarcass.com/
Jake Keeler Art Instagram – http://instagram.com/jakekeeler
Buy here – http://society6.com/JakeKeeler

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