To round out my little fishing vacation I spent some time on the Wildcat Creek with my buddy Don on Friday morning. The smallies were in love with the clousers and poppers we were throwing at them.
Saturday morning the fly fishing club I belong to had it’s annual casting clinic. It’s always good to see new faces and see new people learning to cast a fly.
Sunday I floated the Tippecanoe River with Scotty, Gregg, and Ian. Ian runs Warmwater Chronicles, you should check that out. 12 hours floating two Hyde drift boats down a river filled with aluminum hatches. How more drunks don’t drown on that river is beyond me. I think it was Gregg who said at some point you’d think natural selection would take over.

Next weekend I’m taking a break from fishing and taking my wife canoeing. She can fish. I’ll watch and tie flies on.
**EDIT** Sorry Scotty, I don’t know what happened there. Brain was mush, that’s my excuse.

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