Last Friday my wife and I drove to a cabin we’d previously rented for a long weekend of relaxing and celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary which is tomorrow the 22nd of August. The fishing was good Friday night, relaxing off the grid was better. After we’d stayed in this cabin nestled in the hills of Brown County right outside Nashville Indiana, we received a letter from the owners. Turned out we’d left it so nice and tidy that we were getting a free night. Score. This place ain’t that cheap.
On Saturday afternoon our friend Ashley drove down and we did some touristy things, took some pictures, and went back to the cabin to do some fishing at dusk. Armed with wine and fly rods, I paddled the canoe around while they cast hoppers and poppers. Brandi hooked into the biggest bluegill I’ve ever personally seen. It was a goliath; a thug of a fish. It was freakishly large. It broke off. Bad tippet, bad knot. All I know is it might have rivaled the Indiana state record for a bluegill. We all yelled obscenities to the fish gods as her line went slack; the hopper still in the lip of the behemoth bluegill. Fishing was pretty dead after that. My only hope is that fish is never caught.
We took that free night but never used it. Sadly, our bodies couldn’t take the bed in the master room one more night. We woke up Sunday morning and quickly decided to head for home.
Last night Ash and I decided to go fish a local creek for smallies on streamers. We tried to beat a rainstorm but were lucky enough to get caught in it. After this summer, any rain is a welcome sight. No smallies were caught, but it was a damned good night to be on the water.

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