Kory messaged me last week. Dude, I had a cancellation, wanna come up and fish the St Joe this weekend? Hell yes I do. Lemme clear it with the better half and I’ll get back to you. Of course my awesome wife said get the hell out of the house and go fish you’re bothering me or something like that. Tied up a few streamers and some foam headed dealios, packed the gear, loaded the ride, and Saturday morning found me driving through a color run in South Bend. White people are funny creatures. I’m going to venture a guess that many pumpkin spiced lattes were consumed after that race.

We headed over to Michigan since it’s basically Kory’s backyard and dropped in on a section that looked promising. There were lots of salmon running up and we heard of folks getting on some cohos. The water was coming up and the smallies were shut down. The old college try and all the jazz, we headed back to the launch to try another spot. The other place started in Indiana and goes into Michigan. A word of caution here; there are no signs warning you that you are leaving the state. Make sure you have a license for both states when fishing this area. Kory will remind you of this as well. If you’re looking for a trip on some great looking and super fishy water you need to book a trip with Kory for some smallies. He does steelhead trips as well, so even after the smallies head to their winter holes he’s still putting folks on fish.



Kory put a report up on his site this morning: http://www.boozersguideservice.com/angling-reports
If you’re in the South Bend, Indiana or lower Michigan area, look Kory up and book a trip. Hell you can even take the South Shore Rail from Chicago to South Bend and skip all the traffic.

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