26th Annual Metropolitan Miami Fishing Tournament

Back in 1960 my great grandfather participated in a tournament. Last year I received this plaque from my mom. I loved it when I saw it as a kid and never knew what happened to it. My mom moved and she found it while unpacking. I never met my great grandfather. He passed away before I was born.
I’ve been told from both my grandmother and mother that he was a hell of a fisherman. He had to have been really into fishing to go from East Chicago Indiana to Miami to fish a tournament back in 1960.
I found a google newspaper scan of The Montreal Gazette that makes mention of the tournament. Here’s the link: The Montreal Gazette December 10th, 1960 Look right below MIAMI for the mention of the tournament. I’ve searched before and never found anything that gave me an idea of exactly when it was.

I sit and try to picture the weather, the scenery, the cars, the boats. It actually makes me kind of sad I never was able to meet this man. They tell me that we’d have gotten along really well. I believe we would have. Any man who was into catch and release in 1960 is a-ok in my book.





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