2012 Boat Sport and Travel Show: Quiet Sports Expo

John, Gary, and I got on the road at 7am and shot down the highway to meet up with Ian and Kevin at FlyMasters. We got to the show around 9am. Show started right at 10am and the crowd never stopped. It was cool to meet someone who actually reads my crap, so thanks Nick! I left around 5:30pm and people were still coming in the gates. Here’s some shots I got while there. I’ve got video from the GoPro, but I’m on 3 hours of sleep so that can wait til tomorrow.

Now that I’m awake and the coffee is flowing my brain is back in working order I realized I forgot to mention some folks I met. Sharing the space with FlyMasters was Nurpu River & Mountain Supply. We traded some stickers and I bought a sweet Osprey Contrail day pack. Nurpu is a specialty outdoor shop that carries kayaks, paddling accessories,climbing gear, technical and casual apparel, tents, roof racks, footwear, yoga wear, and much more. They have been open for almost two years and the shop is constantly changing and growing. Nurpu is located 4 miles East of Noblesville, IN on Hwy 38.

I also met Dragon Fly Paddle Company who specialize in hand crafted hardwood paddles for canoeing and kayaking. They also restore wooden boats. Check out their Facebook page for more info






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