Over a decade ago my father in law gave me this bike to restore. It’s a 1972 Honda CB450. I gave it to a friend’s dad because I didn’t have the means to restore it at the time. I bought a 1981 Honda CB650 Nighthawk and rode that until I sold it to a friend. I’ve always thought about this bike and asked my friend about it last year to see if they still had it in storage at their farm. Nothing came of it but recently my friend asked me if I wanted the bike back. They were selling the farm and were cleaning it up and getting rid of everything in storage. I jumped at the chance. I’ve always wanted a cafe racer and I have a blank canvas. It’s rough but the frame is solid. I have friends who know how to do body and paint work, friends who can weld, and friends who know electrical so this will be one really fun project over the next few years. I don’t expect to be done before 2017 and that’s being generous.









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  1. I like cafe racers myself and have built a few back in the day before sport bikes were popular. There are several companies that offer cafe goodies on line for Honda. Need a hand, give me a shout.

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