My Youth

Chicago punk rock. I may be biased from growing up in Northwest Indiana, but Chicago punk rock is some of my favorite. The Effigies, Naked Raygun, Screeching Weasel, 88 Fingers Louie, Dead Steelmill, and Pegboy. The list could keep going, but this is about Pegboy. Why? Because they fly fish. The guys from Pegboy are…

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Pretty sure I’ve watched this preview a hundred times now.
How the hell can I wait an entire year for this? This damned movie is gonna come out and then the world is gonna end according to some crazy bastards who didn’t realize they’re being trolled by a Mayan from a few thousand years ago.

Fly Fishing Frenzy giveaway

The folks over at Fly Fishing Frenzy are giving away some sweet gear. Here’s a link to the gear and the info to win. The Fly Fishing Frenzy has an awesome giveaway for you!! We wanted to show our appreciation to all for following our Fly Fishing Blog and by doing so we are…

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The Flyfish Journal

Ordered a subscription a few days ago after seeing the past on Facebook.  Order came in.  Sweet shirt (wife said I look like a walking billboard, but she’s just jealous), the quality of the magazine is incredible, but it was missing two stickers from the order.  Shot off an email and today I receive this…

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